Meet Mike Molesevich

Democratic Candidate for PA's 15th Congressional District

Mike Molesevich

Mike Molesevich of Union County is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 15th District. Mike was raised in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania. He earned degrees in environmental science from Juniata College and Bucknell University.

Mike grew up with six brothers and sisters. His parents instilled the values of discipline and hard work. As a kid, Mike delivered newspapers early in the morning, a job he enjoyed and that showed him the importance of customer service.

A small businessperson and environmental consultant, Mike has been assisting businesses, industries, and homeowners with energy and environmental matters for over 40 years. He learned the pride associated with owning a small business. He has helped clean numerous properties damaged by leaking underground petroleum tanks.

Mike has a passion for community service. He has been an active member of several Chambers of Commerce, the Sierra Club, the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, and the U.S. Green Energy Council. He is a member of the board of directors of the Union County Historical Society. In addition, he has served in local government in Union County.

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